Marco Sonaglia

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Italian collector of cigarette papers.

Poeti Italiani

Folder style booklet.
Several variations.
Poeti Italiani.
S. D. Modiano
On of a series of covers depicting famous poets, 
Francesco Petrarca, Ludovico Ariosto.


Flat folder style booklet.
Narghilé (Tobacco Pipe).
Schnabl & Bleier.
Scarcity: Very rare.

Osmanli Bank-Note

Folder style booklet.
Osmanli Bank-Note.
Samanlizade Abdulvahab.
Fandouklian Han No 3, 5, 8.
Ottoman booklet.

Marco Sonaglia


Pipe Papers. 
Several variations in color and design.
Saul. Sadoch.
Mode di' emploi.

Marco Sonaglia.

Le Bresilien

Folder style booklet.
Many variations in design and color.
Le Bresilien (The Brazilian).
Caussemille Jne.
Qualite Extra.

Marco Sonaglia

Que Sobonich

Folder style booklet.
Que Sobonich.
jacinto Conill y Font.
One of a series of booklets.

Marco Sonaglia

Papier Krakus

Papier Kosciuszko
Folder style booklet.
Manufacturer and country of origin unknown.
For Polish market.
Krakus was a legendary Polish prince, king and founder of Kraków, the ruler of the tribe of Lechitians(Poles). Krakus is also credited with building Wawel Castle and slaying the Wawel Dragon by feeding him a dead sheep full of sulfur. The latter is how Krak the cobbler became Krakus the prince, and later king

Corona Romanie

Wrap around folder style booklet.
Corona Romaniei
Counry of origin and manufacturer unknown.
Text in Romanian and french.
Papier Nou.  Trageti panglica si va esi numai cate o singura foita (Pull the ribbon and only a single leaf).

Marco Sonaglia

El Ikbal No 13

Folder style booklet.
Several variations in color, format and design.
El Ikbal No 13.
A. Salto.

Marco Sonaglia