Marco Sonaglia

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Italian collector of cigarette papers.

Papel Cereza

Papel Cereza.
One of a series of old folders with illustrations - Heroes y Grandezas de la Tierra.
Gabriel Reig
Calle Sn Felipe Neri - 12; No 2 Barcelona.
Bruto El Inexorable.

Marco Sonaglia

Single Eye

Folder style booket.
Several variations in color and design.

Tek göz (Single Eye).
Athanassoula Freres.
Ottoman booklet produced in the middle east.
Factories in Turkey (Smyrne) and Italy (Trieste).
Inside: Made in Smyrna, Turkey.  Athanassoula Freres.  Smyrne - Trieste.  Haute Nouveaute.  N. 1000.

Soigner Son Betail

Folder style booklet.
Soigner Son Betail.
A. Pallas
Advertising Booklet for pharmaceutical product.   

Marco Sonaglia.

Les Dernieres Cartouches

Flat Folder style booklet.
Les Dernieres Cartouches.
Several variations in design, color and format.
Braunstein Freres.
Papier Gomme on side panel + Color variation.


Marco Sonaglia

Le Nil

Le Nil.
Joseph Bardou & Fils.
Avenue a la Gare, 
With image of boat on left panel.

Marco Sonaglia

Papier Hygienia No 284

Folder style booklet.
Papier Hygienia No 284.
A. Salto & H. Uziel.
Societe Nadire.

Marco Sonaglia


Papier Afiet No 142

Folder style booklet.
Papier Afiet No 142.
A. Salto.

Marco Sonaglia

Admirable No 866

Folder style booklet.
Admirable No 866.
S. D. Modiano.
 Image of comical crescent moon smoking cigarette.

Marco Sonaglia

Papier Parisinne No 319

Folder strip style booklet.
Papier Parisienne No 319.
S. D. Modiano.
One of a series of booklets depicting women in costume (Ines) on one pane and a flower on the other.

Marco Sonaglia.


Folder style  booklet.
Manufacturer and country of origin unknown.
Scarcity: Rare.