Marco Sonaglia

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Italian collector of cigarette papers.


Folder Style Booklet.
Jean Bardou.
Free sample for Madagascar - 20 leaves.

Marco Sonaglia

Buffalo Brand

Folder style booklet.
Buffalo Brand.
Manufacturer and Country of origin not known.
Thought to be S. E. Asian.  (Singapore).


Marco Sonaglia.

Dollar Brand

Folder style booklet.
Dollar Brand.
Dollar Cigarette Paper Factory.
Many older cigarette papers from Singapore had displayed "Made in British Empire",  as Singapore was at that time a British Crown colony (1946 until 1963).  


Marco Sonaglia

Gold-Fish Brand

Folder style booklet with closing tab.
Gold-Fish Brand.
Kim Mong Co.
(Singapore, 128).

Stamped 06 May 1939.

Marco Sonaglia.


Folder style booket.
Several variations in color and design.

Athanassoula Freres.
Ottoman booklet produced in the middle east.
Factories in Turkey (Smyrne) and Italy (Trieste).
Inside: Made in Smyrna, Turkey.  Athanassoula Freres.  Smyrne - Trieste.  Haute Nouveaute.  N. 1000. Tek göz (Single Eye).  

Soigner Son Betail

Folder style booklet.
Soigner Son Betail.
A. Pallas
Advertising Booklet for pharmaceutical product.   

Marco Sonaglia.

Union-Paper n 763

Folder style booklet.
Union-Paper N 763.
A. Salto.

Marco Sonaglia.

Sol y Sombra

Sol y Sombra
Long Folder style booklet.
One of a series of booklets depicting theatrical scenes.
Series 1A - No 7. 
J. Laporta-Valor


Marco Sonaglia

Les Dernieres Cartouches

Flat Folder style booklet.
Les Dernieres Cartouches.
Several variations in design, color and format.
Braunstein Freres.
Papier Gomme on side panel + Color variation.


Marco Sonaglia

Papier Hygienia No 284

Folder style booklet.
Papier Hygienia No 284.
A. Salto & H. Uziel.
Societe Nadire.

Marco Sonaglia