Mark Nelson

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American collector of cigarette papers.

Zig-Zag No 115

Single automatic booklet.
Several variations in color, format and design.
Zig-Zag No 115.
Braunstein Freres.
Bout Dore (gold tipped papers)
The No 115 designation indicates a gold tipped "single-wide" size version,
while the pink No 110 indicates a gold tipped "1.25" Spanish size version
Scarcity: Rare.

Trifoglio No 1430

Folder style booklet.
 Trifoglio No 1430
 S. D. Modiano
Variation - Chromo version - Blue not used in the chromo process and instead used a cross-hatch green.
Medailles Turin 1898; Trieste 1882; Vienne 1898.


Riz Casino

Wrap-around folder style booklet.
Several variations.
Riz Casino.
A. Jacobi.
Scarcity: Very rare


Folder style booklet.
Ahmet Zadeh.
Interlaced AZ on either side of the booklet's title, on the front.


Mark Nelson


Wrap-around folder style booklet.
Several variations in design color and format.
.Balilla (Little Boy)
S. D. Modiano
Variation lacks a numerical designation.
Balilla was the nickname of Giovan Battista Perasso, a young boy from the Italian city of Genoa. 
He started the revolt of 1746 against the Habsburg forces occupying the city in the War of the Austrian Succession by throwing a stone at an Austrian official. (Balilla means "little boy".) 


Wrap-around folder style booklet.
S.D. Modiano
Scarcity: Very rare.

Tren No 1308

Folder style booklet.
Tren No 1308
G.E. Michailides
Illustration Train.
Text in Arabic, Greek, and Armenian on lower flap.


Mark Nelson

Papier Modiano Verge

Folder booklet.
Several variations in design and color.
Papier Modiano Verge.
S. D. Modiano.
Metal snap enclosure.
140 Feuilles. Interlaced SDM logo.

Mark Nelson

Tabu Verge

Folder style booklet
Tabu Verge.
Sokal S.
"Verge". A French term referring to a simple watermark of closely spaced, parallel lines.


Long folder style booklet.


Made in Vienna, Austria

Printed in French and Arabic.

Features a large collection of umbrellas.

Scarcity: Very rare.