Mark Nelson

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American collector of cigarette papers.


Flat folder style booklet.
Manufacturer unknown.
Scarcity: Rare

Marka Ludowa No 162

Flat Folder style booklet.
Several variations in color, format and design.
Solali Marka Ludowa No 162.
100 Bibulek
"Marka Ludowa" translates "The People's Brand"
Wide Format.

Scarcity: Rare

Papier Villaret

Flat folder style booklet
Papier Villaret.
Villaret E.
1880 = chromo - medaill a l'expode 1878 // 188? = gaufre et cartonne // 1895 = 2 variations - arabic inscriptions - medaille aux Expo Univ. 1878 and 1879 - Reproduced in 1903.
Second panel labeled "Suede." (French for Sweden.)

Hi Paul,
One of the panels of this trifold booklet appears to be missing, but I was still excited to find this one.

L' Illustre

Folder style booket.
One of a series of at least 20 varieties depicting theatrical scenes.
L' Illustre.
Lacroix L. Fils.

Mark Nelson



Square booklet.
Several variations in format.
Ridaura y Compania.
Shows shield of Charles VII of Third Carlist War 1872-1876.

Mark Nelson


Flat folder style booklet.
Jean Bardou.
Older - Dark Brown with Gold Print, Pink ribbon and SGDG Trademark.
Scarcity: Rare


Colorful Square style booklet,
Katz Brothers Ltd. (Unconfirmed).
(Penang and Singapore).
Professor C. Heutsz.
Made in Nederland India on side panel
Scarcity: Rare.


Zig-Zag Wheat Straw No 144

Double automatic style booklet.
 Several variations in design.
 Zig-Zag Wheat Straw No 144.
 Braunstein Freres.
120 Leaves variation. Embossed cover.
The Surbrug Co Sole US Distributor.
Wheat Straw trademarked by Braunstein Freres in 1904.
Surbrug Co were sole distributors of braunstein Freres in USA until 1928
(when US Tobacco purchased distribution rights from them).
This dates the booklet to between 1904-1927.

Scarcity: Rare.

Riz Le Coq

Flat trifold style booklet.
Riz Le Coq.
Alfonse Labrouse.
Translation of inner flap: This kind of notebook, orange cover, print, black, shaded letters has been created by A. Labrousse in March 1869.

Mark Nelson

Istanbul No 9

Folder style booklet.
Istanbul No 9.
Maufacturer unknown.
Made in Turkey
Tahta Kale Baltadji Han No 1, Istanbul.
Arabic text.  
Ottoman booklet produced in middle east.

Mark Nelson