Mark Nelson

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American collector of cigarette papers.

Zig-Zag Tubes

Zig-Zag Tubes-Antinicotin No 3-85
Manufactured by Industrias Elefante.
Braunstein Freres.

200 count box of Tubes.

Label design includes a tartan pattern, unusual for Braunstein Freres products.
Scarcity: Fairly rare

La Zaragozana

Folder style booklet.
Layana - La Zaragozana.
Jose Layana.
One of a series of Folder style booklets featuring classical artwork paintings, reproduced in cigarette paper booklets. No of booklets in series not known but over 200. 5 Centimos on front.
Fuga Interrumpida. Tusquets.

Mark Nelson

Maria / La Inmaculada

Long Paper booklet (Block).
Maria / La Inmaculada.
Conrado Valadia.
500 Hojas.

Mark Nelson

Ipekten Mamul Atlas

Folder style booklet.
Ipekten Mamul Atlas (Silk Satin).
Several variations in design and color.
Mair de Botton
(Tahtakale, Istanbul)
Imber Products Atlas.
Silk worm cocoons and leaf images on top panel.
Ottoman booklet produced in middle east.

Mark Nelson