David Coxhead

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Collector from the UK

Double A

Small folder style booklet.
Several variations in design, color and format.
Double A.
A. & A. .
Scarcity: Fairly rare.

Le Sphinx

Old colorful booklet.
Made in Alexandria.

Le Houblon

Early box Tubes.
Orig. Circa 1881. Reproduced 1884 = 'Veritable P a cig No 36 3000 fl.
Reproduced 1888 = 'Filigrane'.
Reproduced 1889 = 'Tubes' - 3 variations.
Reproduced 1891 = 'Bloc 500 fl.
Reproduced 1899.
Reproduced Wolf et Mathis.
Original - Cawley et Henri.
Le Houblon.
Cawley et Henry.
Information provided by Denis Peaucelle.
Scarcity: Very rare.


Old colorful booklet.

Frou Frou

Square style booklet.
Manufacturer Giralt.
Elisa Mascaro Distributor.

David Coxhead


Early flat folder.
Country of Manufacturer - Spain.
Country Sold - Argentina. (Buenos Aires)
Scarcity: Rare

Les Cent Vierges

Les Cent Vierges (The Hundred Virgins).
Folder style booklet.
Several variations in design.
J. B. Bremaud & Fils.
(La Couronne).
A series of booklets - numbered 1 - 100.
No 96.


Early russian booklet.


Early russian booklet.