David Coxhead

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Collector from the UK

Petite Bloc XIX Siecle

Block style booklet.
Petite Bloc XIX Siecle.
J. F. R.
Scarcity: Very rare.


French advertising booklet.
Several variations in design.
G. Gascard.
Old booklet advertising quinquina liqueur with a product endorsement by French cyclist,
Lucien Michard, who was the reigning world champion in the 1920s.

Scarcity: Fairly rare.

Le Gaulois No 37

Le Gaulois No 37.
Glatron Baschet et Cie.
Papier a Cigarettes pur fil.
Scarcity: Fairly rare.

Vrai Goudron du Nowege No 202

Vrai Goudron du Nowege No 202.
Bardou et Fils.
Scarcity: Very rare.


Early colorful booklet. *

Le Coq Francais

Single automatic booklet.
Many variations in color, design and format.Le Coq Francais.
R. Bollore.
Original produced in 1923.
Scarcity: Fairly rare.