Salvador Iglesias

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French collector of cigarette papers and associated ephemera.

Tipos Espanoles

Folder style booklet.
One of a series of booklets depicting different types of Spanish costumes from different regions of Spain.
Tipos Espanoles.
R. Abad Santonja.
Ciudad - Real.


Salvador Iglesias

No 926

Early booklet.
300 leaves version.
Amalgamation of 2 booklets - Papier Des Ondines No 521 and Papier Des Indes No 605.

The Best No 825

Flat folder style  booklet with closing tab.
Several variations in color.
The Best No 825.
S. D. Modiano.
 The Best cigarette paper.
Scarcity: Fairly rare.

Le Suez

Folder style booklet.
Made in Spain.(Barcelona).
Scarcity: Rare.

Baby L' as

Baby L' as.
Gaston D'Argy.
Several variations in color.
P. a. Cremaillere.

Scarcity: Very rare

Black Girl

Black Girl.
Gaston D'Argy.
Venus Noire.
Scarcity: Rare.

Midian Tubetti No 3

Tubes booklet.
Several variations of brand in design, color and format.
Midian Tubetti No 3.
Manufacturer Unknown.
50 tubetti 


Flat Folder style advertising booklet.
Broussaud Bonfils et Cie.
Scarcity: Rare.