Ralph Heinzelmann

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German collector of cigarette papers.

Le Bresilien

Flat Folder style booklet.
Many variations in design and color.
Le Bresilien (The Brazilian).
Caussemille Jne et Cie.
Pur Fil.
Brand name also registered with Bardy J. and Pap. roussillon/Valdor.
Scarcity: Rare.

Papel Emporium

Flat Folder style Booklet.
Papel Emporium.
Lorenzo Ridaura / Pedro Rius (Unconfirmed).
Distributor Pedro Rius
Inside - Hand written - Calle de apartmento No 38.


Ralph Heinzelmann


Long Folder style booklet.
Several variations in color, design and format.
Jose Laporta-Valor.

Golden State

Folder style booklet advertising tobacco products.
Golden State.
Christian Peper Tobacco Company.
(St Louis, MO).
Thin advertising folder from Christian Peper Tobacco Co. based in St Louis, promoting Golden State tobacco.

Ralph Heinzelmann.

Le Tricolore

Folder style booklet.
Le Tricolore.
Manufacturer unknown.
Country of origin unknown
Souvenir booklet dedicated to L'Alsace-Lorraine.

Ralph Heinzelmann

Triple Sec

Folder style advertising booklet.
Triple Sec.
Ariste Pallas.
Anony pap.cig angouleme.
Advertising booklet promoting French Liquer.

Ralph Heinzelmann

L' Ouest-Eclair

Folder style advertising booklet.
L' Ouest-Eclair.
Ariste Pallas.
Manufacturer not Known. Made in France.
Advertising booklet promoting promoting Rizla machine filters.

Ralph Heinzelmann

Papel Alcatrao Sorriso

Folder style booklet.
Papel Alcatrao Sorriso (Smile).
Eduardo de Souza
Made in Austria for portuguese market.

Papel Salud

Folder style booklet.
Papel Salud.
Ivorra y Paya.
One of a series of booklets depicting Famous Actors and Actresses.
Haydon: D'Albray: Danza Aerea.


Ralph Heinzelmann


Folder style booklet.
Many variations in color.
Without name.
E. Paschalski.


Ralph Heinzelmann