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El Corse

El Corse (The Corset).
Folder style booklet in varying colors.
One of a Series of booklets depicting portraits of famous women theatrical performers in various glamour poses and attire.
Ridaura y Ca.
At least 20 variations known in flat folder style.
Unable to read named women.

Pep Moreno

Maura Si

Square booklet.
Maura Si.
Gonzalez y Garcia.
Made in Spain Depicts portrait of Antonio Maura; Prime Minister of Spain, 5 December 1903 – 16 December 1904.

Pep Moreno


Square style booklet.
Miquel y Costas & Miquel S. A.
Meio Combustivel on spine
Smoking brand design.

Pep Moreno


Square style booklet.
Several variations of design, color and format.
Miguel Botella y Hermanos.
Patent No 39212.

Pep Moreno

Papel de Alquitran Extra

Folder style booklet.
Papel de Alquitran Extra.
F. B. H.
(Palma, Mallorca).


El Billete

El Billete.
Folder style booklet.
Several variations in design and color.
Luis Layana.
One of a series of booklets of a comical nature.
y comeo....

Pep Moreno

El Arte

Folder style booklet.
El Arte.
Manufacturer unknown.
One of a series of booklets Spanish politicians.
Serie B - No 28 - Castelar.
Photograph of the well known Spanish orator and politicion Don Emilio Castelar.

Pep Moreno

Without Name

Set of old colorful Long Folder style booklets.
Made in Spain.
Scarcity: Very rare.

Papel Siglo XX

Folder style booklet.
Several variations in color, design and format.
Eduardo Roca y Hermano.
(Palma, Mallorca).
Inside - Fumar Buen Papel o No Fumar.

Pep Moreno


Old Flat Folder.
Francesc Roca 1881 and Eduardo Roca 1903.
150 Hojas.
(Palma, Mallorca).
Scarcity: Very rare.