Nigel Town

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Australian collector.

Le Bardo

Flat Folder style booklet.
Le Bardo.
Henri Brieu.
Scarcity: Very rare.

Le Tokio No 5

Hardback Booklet.
Several variations on design, color and format.
Le Tokio No 5.
Broussaud Bonfils et Cie.
Riz du Japon.
Scarcity: Fairly rare.

Three Castles

Long Folder style booklet adverstising Capstan Navy Cut Pipe tobacco & Three Castles Cigarettes.
Capstan/Three Castles.
W. D & H. O. Wills.
(Bristol & London).
Registered Trade Mark No 5908.
Scarcity: Rare

Our Jack

Double booklet.
Several variations in design, color and format.
Our Jack.
S. D. Modiano.
Papel Para Cigarros
For Spanish/Portuguese market.

Nigel Town


Old Hungarian Flat folder style booklet.
Several variations exist in color, design and format.
Magyar Szivarkapapir Rt.
60 lap.
Scarcity: Fairly common.

Industria Catalana

Folder style booklet.
Industria Catalana.
Manufacturer Unknown.

Nigel Town

Papel Urol

Square booklet.
Contra La Nicotina.
Manufacturer Unknown.
Made in Spain.
Scarcity: Fairly rare.


Long Folder style booklet.
Several variations in color and design.
Leaves can be taken off like postage stamps.

Nigel Town

Galata Koule

Folder style booklet.
Galata Koule.
Schnabl & Bleier
Showing picture of the Galata Tower in Istanbul.

Nigel Town

Van Plainrice

Old colorful booklet.
Manufacturer unknown.