Len Pupo

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Collector from America


Single automatic booklet
Several variations in color, format and design.
O-K Pure White.
Imperial Tobacco Company.
Made in Canada.

Len Pupo


Hardback booklet.
Several variations in design and format
Larus & Bro Co.
(Richmond, VA).
Scarcity: Rare.

Tam Tam Wheatstraw

Tam Tam Wheatstraw.
Several variationms.
Braunstein Freres.
Scarcity: Rare.

Le Nil Bloc

Bloc  booklet.
Le Nil
J. Bardou & Fils.

Len Pupo

Riz d'Algerie

Hardback booklet.
Papier a base de Riz d'Algerie.
Demignot J. M.
propriete exclusive de la manufacture des P. d'Angouleme.
Scarcity: Fairly rare.

City Club

Early booklet.
4 rails

Half and Half

Early booklet.
Several variations.

Kentucky Leader

Folder style booklet.
Kentucky Leader.
R. C. Owen.
(Gallatin, Tenn).

Len Pupo