Giovanni Ongaro

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Italian collector of cigarette papers.


Square style booklet.
Cameron & Cameron Co.
Fatima on top spine. - No Gold Tips - Finest Quality on side spines. Ligget & Myers Tobaco Co Successor. Export to Spain.

Giovanni Ongaro

Papel Espana

Flat Folder style booklet.
Paris & Barcelona.
Manufacturer Unknown.
Manufacturers with this brand name:
Miguel J. Palop.
Papeleras Reunidas.
Antonio Pastor Carbonell.
Scarcity: Rare.


Flat Folder style booklet with closing tag.
Several variations of design and colour.
S. D. Modiano.
Variation: Papier Gomme on closing tab.Fait en Austria.
SDM Pur Lin on bottom panel.  Color variation.
Original patent taken out for this brand was 17.09.1925.


Folder style advertising booklet.
Manufacturer Unknown.
Made in France.

Giovanni Ongaro