Giovanni Ongaro

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Italian collector of cigarette papers.


Wrap-around folder. 
Several variations in color.
(Prozna, Warsaw)
Manufacturer unknown.
Made in Poland.
Scarcity: Rare.



Square style folder.
Fatima on top spine. - No Gold Tips - Finest Quality on side spines.
Ligget & Myers Tobaco Co Successor.
Possible Export to Spain.
Scarcity: Rare.


Early advertising booklet.

Papel Espana

Flat Folder style booklet.
Paris & Barcelona.
Manufacturer Unknown.
Manufacturers with this brand name:
Miguel J. Palop.
Papeleras Reunidas.
Antonio Pastor Carbonell.
Scarcity: Rare.


Flat Folder style booklet with closing tag.
Several variations of design and colour.
S. D. Modiano.
Variation: Papier Gomme on closing tab.Fait en Austria.
SDM Pur Lin on bottom panel.  Color variation.
Original patent taken out for this brand was 17.09.1925.