Christophe Gros

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French collector of cigarette papers.


Folder sytyle booklet.
Several variations in color and design.

Kontcheghulian & Cie.
96 leaves version.
Inside has 1911 calendar. Made in Turkey on spine.
Old Turkish booklet used to raise funds for Armenian Hospital.
Yedikule Armenian hospital.  Text written in Ottoman and Armenian.
Color Variation.

Le Cycliste No 85

Long folder style booklet.
Several variations in design, color and format.
Le Cycliste No 85.
G Aubert.
En France et a L' trancer on rib.

Christophe Gros

Papel Suez

Long Folder style booklet.
Several variations in color, design and format.
Papel Suez.
Edmond Bartissol.
For Spannish market.
15 displayed to left and right of panel.
L'Alliance Industrielle et Commerciale - Fabricant en Clermont-Ferrand inside booklet.

Christophe Gros

Riz Francais

Folder style booklet.
Riz Francais.
Manufacturer unknown.
Made in France for Russia?
Russian text.
Inside: Meilleur Camarade (Best Comrade).

Christophe Gros


Folder style booklet.
R. Tehehbayma.
Scarcity: Rare.

Papier des Armees en Campagne.

Flat folder style booklet.
Several variations.
Papier des Armees en Campagne.
A. Nony.
1915 version.
Scarcity: Fairly rare.

Modiano Tubes No 3/70

Carton of Cigarette Tubes
Modiano Tubes No 3/70
S. D. Modiano
Box cigarette Tubes
Scarcity: Fairly rare


Folder style advertising booklet.
Several variations in design and color.
E. Broussaud.
French advertising booklet promoting Absinthe from the distillery of P. Violet, Boulogne.

Christophe Gros

L' Automatique

L' Automatique.
Several variations in design and format.
Hirschfeld Louis.
Appuyer et ouvrez - une feuille s'elancera hors du cahier / Riz hors ligne ;/ Sans fumee.
Fabrique L. H. Paris, 61 Rue Montmartre.

Scarcity: Very rare.

Papier Tabac

Papier Tabac.
Several variations.
L. Lacroix & O. Puymoyen.
Papier Tabac.
Lacroix L. Fils.
Depose par L. L. et Octave Puymoyen.
Scarcity: Very rare