Bonjean Gregory

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French collector of cigarette papers.


Early booklet variation.


Folder style booklet.
Several variations in color and design.
Publicite Orcel.
(11 Rue du Lycee Perier - Marseille).
Advertising booklet.
Advertising folder promoting Berger, apéritif anisé made in : Paris - Bercy 
Established by C. Berger & Co. and succeeded by the sons of C.F. Berger 
Founded originally in Couvet, Switzerland, near the French Swiss border in 1830.
Anis Berger.
This booklet was manufactured by Publicite Orcel.

Berger Blanc

Folder style booklet.
Several variations of design and color.
Advertising booklet.
Berger Blanc.
The manufacturer of this booklet is unknown.

Bonjean Gregory

Goudron Robert

Flat folder style advertising booklet.
Several variations.
Goudron Robert.
Ariste Pallas.
Anony pap.cig angouleme.


Advertising Booklet.Unknown Manufacturer


Folder style advertising booklet.
Several variations in design and color.
Ariste Pallas. (A Nony Pap.Cig). Unconfirmed.
Boutelle Origine.

Bonjean Gregory

Cap Corse

Cap Corse  
French advertising folder
Manufacturer no known.
Made in France
Booklet advertising french liquer Cap Corse.

Bonjean Gregory