Andy Brazier

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British collector of cigarette rolling papers

Without Name

Square style booklet.
Without Name.
Manufacturer and country or origin unknown.
Russian text.

Marco Sonaglia

Abadie No 571

Abadie No 571.
Flat folder style booklet.
J. Abadie.

Andy Brazier

Black Knight

Single automatic booklet.
Black Knight.
Manufacturer Unknown.

Papier Said Dentele

Small folder style booklet.
Papier Said Dentele.
Several variations in color, design and format.

Lobo Negro

Lobo Negro.
Packet style booklet.
Several variation.
Zorro Tobacco Company.
(San Antonio, Texas).
Made in USA for South American market.
Company registered Monday, February 12, 1934
Scarcity: Fairly rare.

Genievre de L'Etoille

Flat folder style advertising booklet.
Several variations.
Genievre de L'Etoille.
Naussan J. F.
Also version by A Pallas.
Scarcity: Fairly rare.

La Girafa

La Girafa.
Folder style Booklet
Miguel Botella  .
Note: Brand name also registered under Miguel Botella y Hermanos.
Scarcity: Common.