Miquel y Costas & Miquel S. A.

Miquel y Costas & Miquel, S.A. is a company whose history goes back as far as the 18th century.  In 1879, the MIQUEL Y COSTAS brothers decided to turn their family paper business, wich had been in existence without a break since 1725, into a limited company. 

The earliest documented reference to the company date back to 1725, when the Miquel family made paper by hand in mills driven by the rich and pure flow of the Anoia River.  It was not until the 1820s that the Miquel family started specialising in cigarette paper, moving its production in 1879 to a factory in La Pobla de Claramunt and founding the company MIQUEL Y COSTAS HERMANOS.

 In 1929, the company was incorporated and took its present name MIQUEL Y COSTAS & MIQUEL S.A.
The international brand, SMOKING, was introduced in 1924.  Since then their specialised pulp, paper and booklet production combined with perpetual research have allowed them to continue to develop new varieties of papers and booklets capable of satisfying the most demanding smokers.  It is not by chance that the SMOKING, brand is marketed in more than 30 countries world-wide.  

1725 The Miquel family started producing general paper by hand 
1879 Lorenzo and Antonio Miquel set up the company Miquel y Costas, opening of the first agency in Latin America
1901 The number of shareholders in the company increases and its name is changed to Miquel y Costas & Miquel
1929 The company is converted into a public limited company with the name Miquel y Costas & Miquel, S.A
1935 Incorporation of Sociedad Española Zig Zag, S.A.
1952 Founding of Celulosa de Levante, S.A.
1975 Acquisition of S.A. Payá Miralles.

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Miquel y Costas Branded Papers Date
Smoking 1920's         
Jaramago Guarani 1923
El Becerro de Oro 1926
Jaramago Valadia  
El Pino  
Do Re Mi