Ralph Heinzelmann

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German collector of cigarette papers.


Folder style booklet advertising Tobacco product.
Several variations in design and color.
American Tobacco Co.
(New York).
Succ Pattersons Co Richomon, Virginia in 1905.
Illustration - 5c, 2 1/2 oz .
Blue variation.

Ralph Heinzelmann

Papier Cristal / Le Nil

Papier Cristal.
Bardou Jh et Fils.
(Angouleme - Perpignan).
Many variations in color, design and format.
Papier Cigarettes Le Nil; 150 Prix & Medailles; Le Nil;
120 Feuilles variation.

Le Nil

Single automatic booklet.
Several variations in color, format and design.
Le Nil.
Paper Industries of Australia Ltd.
Brand name registered to Jh Bardou & Fils, (Paris).

Big Ben

Double booklet.
Several variations in color, design and format.
Big Ben.
Rizla UK.
(Wembley, London).
For Norway.

Ralph Heinzelmann

L' Ouest-Eclair

Folder style advertising booklet.
L' Ouest-Eclair.
Ariste Pallas.
Manufacturer not Known.
Made in France.
Advertising booklet promoting promoting Rizla machine filters.

Ralph Heinzelmann