Ralph Heinzelmann

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German collector of cigarette papers.

Histoire de France

Hard Card style booklet.
Histoire de France.
Braunstein Freres.
83 Blvd Exelmans.
Series of 120 illustrations depicting Military scenes.
Series H - No 17 Jemmapes.
Reproduced in 1915.


Folder style booklet.
Manufacturer Unknown.
Made in Germany.
100 Blatt.

Ralph Heinzelmann

Carol I.

Flat Folder style booklet with closing tab.
Carol I..
Made in Vienna Austria Produit Viennois.
Scarcity: Rare.


Papier Empereur

Flat Folder style booklet with closing tag.
Papier Empereur.
Scarcity: Very rare.


Papel Gool

Papel Gool.
Flat Folder.
Import - probably from Spain but manufacturer/importer unknown.
50 Hojas.
Scarcity: Rare.


Folder style advertising booklet Hutchinson.
Manufacturer not known.
Made in France.
Design/Color variation.
One of a series of booklets advertising Hutchinson sports and camping equipment. Chaussures Caoutchouc, Talons Tournnants, Pneu Hutchinson. General advertisements for sports equipment and accessories.

Ralph Heinzelmann - better scan required

La Valenciana

La Valenciana.
Square style booklet.
Several variations in design, color and format.
Salvador Zaragoza Ripolles.
One of a series of many depicting comic/theatrical scenes.
Busquela Usted

Without Name

Folder style booklet with closing tab.
Without Name.
Jack Schnabl & Bleier.
(Vienne & Paris).
Unbranded booklet. Front panel appears to have become dislodged?

Ralph Heinzelmann


Wrap-around folder style booklet.
Several variations in color, design and format.
Helios' Societa' Cartaria A G. L.


Flat folder style booklet.
A. Salto & H. Uziel.
Scarcity: Rare.