David Coxhead

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Collector from the UK


Long single wide folder style booklet.
Several variations in design, color and format.
Manufacturer unknown. 
Made in France.
Variation: Advertisement for Gainsborough Fine Cut Tobacco.
Interlaced CW - London.

David Coxhead

Turgut Reis Zirhusi

Folder style booklet.
Several variations in color and design.
Turgut Reis Zirhusi.
Donanma-yi Osmani  Muavenet-i Milliye Cemiyeti (Ottoman Navy).
(Made in Turkey).
Illustration of a ship.  Crossed Anchors motif.
 David Coxhead

Papier JOB

Folder style booklet.
Papier JOB.
Manufacturer not known.
Prepared in Turkey
(Tahta-Kale Halil Han No 14)
Old Ottoman Empire booklet.  


Paul Ellis


Folder style advertising booklet.
Several variations in design and color.
E. Broussaud.
Advertisement for the French gentiane-quina Bonal. Broussaud edition.

David Coxhead

Papier Billet Doux

Flat folder style booklet with closing tab
Papier Billet Doux (Love Letter).
Joseph Horn.
Cover is in form of a love letter with mock 2 cent usa postage stamp attached as part
of the design.

Scarcity: Very rare


Banque Nationale

Wrap-around folder style booket.
Banque Nationale.
Manufacturer unknown.
Manufactured in Serbia
100 ЛИСТА = 100 Sheets.
Scarcity: Very rare

Le Automat

Colorful flat folder style booklet.
Le Automat.
Manufacturer unknown.
Made in France.
Scarcity: Very rare.


Flat folder style booklet.
Manufacturer unknown.
Made in England.
Scarcity: Very rare.

Papier des Fleurs No 203

Flat Folder style booklet.
Papier des Fleurs No 203.
Manufacturer Unknown.
Scarcity: Very rare.

Rodolphe Stephanie

Square wrap-around folder style booklet.
Rodolphe Stephanie.
Manufacturer Unknown
Country of Manufacture unknown.
Depicts portrait - Archduke Rudolf of Austria and his wife Princess Stéphanie of Belgium.
Scarcity: Very rare.